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Bijouterie Trunk Show

Do you and your friends or colleagues love unique jewelry and art?  Consider hosting a trunk show featuring Bijouterie Creatifs!
Contact us and book your event!
The Bijouterie Creatifs crew will come to your home or office and create a professional showcase featuring our hand crafted original works.  We will be available to create select small-scale custom work on-site and talk our art with you and your guests.
For the Hostess or Host, we recommend selecting a location in your home or place of business that has appropriate surface space available to set up jewelry and art displays and is well lit so that guests can view our work.  Also consider how easily the space can accommodate your party attendees.  
We recommend refreshments for your guests, such as wine and a cheese board, or whatever you think your guests will love!
For the Hostess or Host, the rewards for hosting the event will be a gift bag from Bijouterie Creatifs and a store credit worth 5% of the sales made at your party!  The more your guests spend, the more you are rewarded.  Spend it after the party ends!  
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